Manage mobile devices, apps, beacons and documents throughout the entire lifecycle. Everything with Relution.


Mobile App Management

Relution supports the entire app lifecycle, from the initial request to designation, licensing, quality control and distribution to replacement. And all of this on all mobile platforms.


Manage your apps end-to-end with an Enterprise App Store

Users of mobile devices often know better than anyone which tools they achieve the best results with. Support these desires by channelizing app requests and reviewing and approving the most requested apps. App requests may be made directly from the Relution app by the user – even on a locked public store.

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Mobile Device Management

Manage all mobile devices in the enterprise – simply, quickly and reliably.

Manage all mobile devices in the enterprise

Relution MDM makes it easy to meet the challenges arising from the introduction of mobile devices in the enterprise. The intuitive Relution portal quickly and easily takes corporate and private mobile devices (Bring Your Own Device) into the system; it inventories, configures and monitors them, thus securing them comprehensively. All common platforms and devices are supported.
Relution allows the necessary control of devices without significantly restricting their usability. After all, your employees need to be productive and not be irritated by limited functions on their devices.

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Mobile Application Development Platform

Develop enterprise apps quickly and easily.


App development can be so simple.

Have you defined the business processes that should be mobilized? Do you have JavaScript / HTML developers available? If you answered both questions with “yes”, Relution is the ideal basis for your own enterprise apps. Quite simply bind your internal IT systems with predefined connectors and access it via Javascript business logic. The resulting REST interfaces are in turn available in the hybrid JavaScript apps.

Together with the comprehensive possibilities for accessing the hardware capabilities of mobile devices, solutions are created in a short time for your departments to accelerate, and make more efficient, your business processes through mobilization. So you can focus on what’s important – your business

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