Do you want to digitize? We can do it.

Our solutions are driving the digitization of our customers and make processes more efficient and easier.




In the course of digitization, customers are faced with a multitude of issues and complexities. M-Way Solutions helps to penetrate the density of information and to provide an overview based on customer needs. The range of advice covers the components of structure – and needs analysis, benchmarking, technical and integration consulting, project management, and design and development consulting.



Without concept(ion), success is impossible

Conception is one of the most critical elements for the successful implementation of IT projects. M-way solutions develops well-thought-out operation and interaction concepts, which reflect both the user requirements for mobile applications, as well as the demands of the target group and thus contribute to a successful Mobile User Experience.



Evaluation & Feasibility

Without a thorough and detailed evaluation of the mobile needs and current IT situation, a sensible solution can rarely be found. From experience, we give evaluation a high priority and try to convey this to our customers. A clear assessment of the feasibility of a project is weighed against customer risk and opportunity.



Design matters

Without appealing interfaces, simple use and easy understanding, IT is no longer useful. M-Way Solutions relies on an intelligent interface and screen design with a focus on intuitive operability, thoughtful visualized action sequences and a uniform appearance across all platforms and device types.



We love technology in all forms

M-Way Solutions considers itself a full-stack provider – whether frontend, middleware or backend. We are enthusiastic about the latest technologies and trends, but also know the best practices and environments. Technology neutral, we think holistically and select the technology that does the job.




One of the most critical factors to success in the implementation of IT solutions is the rollout within the organization. The rollout of IT products and solutions requires a planned, well-controlled and dynamic process which brings on board and involves all stakeholders. M-Way Solutions supports its customers in all phases of software rollouts from planning, to distribution and reporting.


Solutions & Technology

Your customers are everywhere. Earn loyalty from anywhere.

The Fischer mobileCRM is a mobile customer management solution to strengthen sales and to provide reliable customer support. The cross-platform HTML5 App for iOS and Windows tablets is intuitive to use and its full offline functionality allows use even without an internet connection.


Client Fischerwerke GmbH & CoKG
Business Construction
Technology AngularJS, Ionic, Cordova


Solutions & Technology

Fair schedule. At any time, any place.

For each Leipziger Messe and Messe Dusseldorf we developed native smartphone and tablet apps for iOS and Android with variable range configuration, simple CI-adaptation and a high-performance hall plan rendered in isometric perspective.


Client Leipziger Messe
Business Fairs & Tradeshows
Technology iOS, Android


Solutions & Technology

Maintenance more efficient. And easier.

For Stuttgart Straßenbahnen AG, we developed a hybrid and native app for the maintenance of ticket vending machines and for mast inspection. Highlights are the offline availability and the device hardware integration of LED scanners.


Client SSB
Business Public Transport
Technology iOS, AngularJS, Ionic, Cordova


Solutions & Technology

Decide now. Decide faster.

Onventis mobilized its decision-making processes and approvals using the Onventis TradeCore App. The app has been designed as a hybrid HTML5 app for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets and is fully available offline.


Client Onventis
Business Software & IT
Technology AngularJS, Ionic, Cordova


Solutions & Technology

QR code and mobile. A powerful combination.

The hybrid HTML5 SEW Product Finder app helps mechanics to identify products and items with their smartphone and connecting them to a wealth of relevant information. Highlights are the camera or scanner integration and offline availability of app.


Client SEW
Business Drive Engineering
Technology AngularJS, Ionic, Cordova

»We found a competent partner in M-Way Solutions, who helps us successfully implement our internal mobile strategy.«
– Waldemar Metz, Head of IT-Services, SEW-EURODRIVE GmbH & Co KG


Tools & Process Specifications

Cross-platform development

Conceptually sound, performance and cross-platform business apps for your company.

M-Way Solutions principally offers its customers cross-platform development. We develop intelligent solutions for all relevant mobile platforms. For this we use the latest and most relevant technologies on the market, which have proven to be useful and successful.

Coupled with years of experience in agile app development for iOS, Android, Windows and web apps, as well as solid expertise in the field of data integration, back-end architecture and application management, we are your competent partner in all matters relating to app development.